Bone Density

Bone Densitometry is the test used for osteoporosis evaluation. Sometimes referred to as a DEXA scan, it has become the gold standard for bone density measurement. The level of bone minerals is related to bone strength and the potential for bone fractures. Results from your test are compared with others of the same sex, age and similar ethnic background. As women get older their risk for developing osteoporosis increases.

Bone Densitometry is a low- dose X-ray used to check your bones for signs of thinning and mineral lose. The area scanned for the test is the lower spine and right hip for the most accurate results. This is a painless, simple, non-invasive test that takes about 15 minutes.

For your exam wear a comfortable two piece outfit. You will be asked to lie down on the table. An overhead arm will move along your body and take bone density measurements. Following the exam your physician will be given a computer printout of the results. Your physician will discuss the results with you and let you know about any areas of concern.