3D Digital Mammography

3D Digital Mammography, also known as breast tomosynthesis, is a new screening and diagnostic tool for breast cancer screening. It converts images into thin 1 mm layer slices, building what is essentially a “three dimensional” mammogram. Radiologist are now able to see breast tissue one thin slice at a time, almost like turning the pages in a book. It reduces the need for patients to be called back for additional mammography images.

Mammography is the use of low dose X-rays to image the breast of both women and men. There are three different types of mammography:

  • Baseline: It is the first time the patient has had a mammogram
  • Screening: Mammograms that are done on female patients who have already had a baseline mammogram and are used to identify breast abnormalities in its early stages
  • Diagnostic: The patient is experiencing some type of problem such as a lump or pain and is used as a problem solving tool.

*Mammography is the best way to screen for small undetectable lumps or a large group of micro calcifications