Patient Testimonials

Real quotes from real patients

“I called with a question and the staff took over from that point! They called my doctor to get the order, scheduled by appointment and assured me that everything was in order. Fabulous!”

“It was an unexpected appointment and I can’t thank them enough for getting me in that day. I can’t imagine the stress if I would have had to wait”

“I LOVE this place! I’ve always had a positive experience here. Staff is gracious and friendly, the quality of service is outstanding”

“The comfy chairs, the fireplace and TV…what a lovely way to spend a few minutes before my appointment.  Certainly a calming atmosphere.

“The receptionist informed the MRI tech of my arrival and just after I sat down, I was called back maybe 1 minute after that.  Communication was on point and everyone was very friendly and extremely accommodating.”

“I thought the facility was beautiful, clean and parking was easy”

“It was stressful situation and they handled it with care and comfort.

“I love that they have earlier hours (before 8am and some Saturday options) for appointments. It makes it easier for us who work during the day”

“After hearing other women’ experiences with getting a mammogram, I can honestly say that I was dreading my first one…but after the wonderful way I was treated during my appointment yesterday, I would happily recommend this facility and staff to everyone, My experience was great!”