Patient Savings

With the high cost of healthcare, coupled with the rapid growth of high deductible health plans, patients are more interested in the cost of their medical exams than ever before. And for most patients, that cost can be daunting. At Fort Jesse Imaging Center, we understand the meaning of value. Our exams are performed on American College of Radiology Accredited equipment and interpreted by Board Certified Radiologists at a fraction of the cost of the local hospital or at a hospital owned outpatient imaging center.

Fort Jesse Imaging Center also believes that patients have a choice when it comes to their imaging needs. The cost of an imaging exam can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Would you purchase any other product without first knowing the price? If your physician refers you to a more high cost location, contact us and we will share our price points with you to compare. By simply asking a few questions and letting your physician know you choose Fort Jesse Imaging Center, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Call our office to ask about our uninsured rates and payment plan options!